Knysna Lagoon Sunset Cruise Book Now + 27 82 892 0469

Sunset is without a doubt, the best time to be on the water! This cruise is a romantic cruise on the beautiful Knysna Lagoon, as the sun goes down.

  • Tours depart at 17h00 in summer, 16:00 in winter
  • Drinks, snack platters and oyster tasting can be arranged.
  • Tour duration is 2 hours
  • Tour includes a complimentary glass of sparkling wine and 6 oysters.

Tease your taste buds with a taste of both wild and cultivated oysters and learn the differences between the two.

Cruise also includes a trip into the Knysna Heads where guests relax and enjoy something to quench their thirst! Discover all there is to know about the history of the famously dangerous Knysna Heads, the Paquita wreck, the town of Knysna and some local in-the-know info!

Sunset is without a doubt, the best time to be on the water! The hustle and bustle of everyday Knysna life has subsided, almost all the boats have gone home and we are left to relax and enjoy a leisurely cruise on the lagoon. Imagine a beer or wine in one hand, oysters and snacks in the other; and the orange glow of our infamous Knysna sunsets making it a setting never to be forgotten.

Much like some of our other trips we ensure a relaxing cruise around the Knysna lagoon, past the waterfront and on to the Knysna Heads where we spend as much time as possible taking in their incredible size and beauty. We will tell you all there is to know about Knysna and its surroundings. You couldn’t wish for a more perfect sundowner experience. Once you return to dock, you will literally feel as though you have been ‘away’ from everything. You have to experience it to believe it!

The other sailing boats that will be arounds us are Ocean Sailing Charters and their Knysna Rhythm 42ft Catamaran, Springtide Charters with their 50ft Outeniqua Sailing Boat, The Turbine Water Club Boat Cruises, John Benn, Paddle Cruiser and Headers Explorer Catamaran. We all operate on the Knysna Lagoon which which enters the Indian Ocean which offers some of the most exciting sailing in South Africa. The Knysna Estuary is managed buy SANParks, they also work very closely with the Knysna Basin Project and Knysna Tourism.