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Brenton-on-sea is a coastal town just in between Knysna and Sedgefield. In this coastal paradise is a hotel named Brenton Haven, the treasure of Brenton-on-sea. Have you ever seen dolphins coming together in the waves? The locals here do, all the time. In the Brenton Haven there is a restaurant called the Blu. The Blu is the prime sightseeing spot that overlooks the vibrant ocean. Serving pizza and cocktails, you over look over the ocean while having a great time with your friends and family The seating arrangements all face out over the massive glass windows overlooking the ocean crashing against the rocks. You can see pods of dolphins surfing in midst the waves and seal pups dancing and playing in the mid break.

If you walk from the hotels lawn it is not even a minute walk and you are standing in the sand. About a forty minute walk down the beach and then you are in Buffalo Bay. Buffalo Bay is another coastal town full of good vibes and friendly people. Buffalo Bay has an incredible beach break and point break, perfect for surfers who are still a little bit uncertain of the ocean. Just up the beach in Buffalo Bay is a restaurant that serves anything that you need after a surf or a long walk on the beach. A nice hot chocolate and a bacon and egg roll is a great way to start the day!

Brenton-On-Sea has a variety of different houses. There are many modern houses that have the most amazing porches and views. Then there are some houses that are very traditional looking. They have the cutest styles. They all have different themes. But they are all walking distance to the beach. The Brenton-On-Sea house prices vary depending on the difference of the modern and traditional.

There are also a variety of short and long walks along the coastline that leads to the Western Knysna Head. There are about five short walks, just there to stretch your legs. There is the Fishermans Walk that runs along the coast of Brenton-On-Sea and the Block. The Block is a small east facing peninsula. The second walk is named the Belvidere Charm, and for good reason. This walk is about a ten minute drive towards Knysna. It offers a divine walk through the old and historic village in the west coast of the Knysna Lagoon. Then there is the Drupkelders Walk. This wall is not a coastal experience, but one of the famous Knysna Forests! This walk is a real gem to experience. You can trudge up a steep hill in the forest, where a beautiful pool lies waiting for you. The last short walk that is available in the Brenton-On-Sea area is the Terblans Walk. This is a fairly easy walk, trailing though the Knysna Forest. It's about a two hour long walk. These short walks are all lovely scenic strolls.

Whilst you have short strolls to stretch your legs, Brenton-On-Sea, and the surrounding areas, also offers longer walks. There are also about five of these walks. The first walk is a local and tourist favorite! It is the beach walk to Buffalo Bay. About a five kilometer walk from Brenton-On-Sea to the Buffalo Bay Waterfront restaurant at the end of the beach. You a walk along the beach, have a meal or drink to freshen up at the Buffalo Bay Waterfront restaurant, before walking back to Brenton-On-Sea. The next few walks are available in the Goukamma National Park. The Goukamma National Park is about a ten minute drive in the car towards Buffalo Bay. These trails differ in terms of length and level of difficulty. But they are very rewarding. In the Milkwood Forest there is countless trails as well, but one that is particularly enjoyed is the circular forest trail.

It is about a three hour long trail, through the Knysna Forest. If you enjoy forest trails the you will love the Elephant trails. These trails go through the Diepwalle Forest Reserve. There are about three main trails, and they range between seven to nine kilometers. You also have the opportunity to see one of the biggest standing Yellowwood trees in the world, that is situated in the Diepwalle Forest. The Diepwalle Forest is situated near the Knysna Forest. The last walk that Brenton-On-Sea offers is the Kranshoek Trail. The location for the Kranshoek hike is in Harkerville, just in between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna. This has to be one of the most spectacular day walks in Brenton-On-Sea. An all family walk and an absolute must! This trail escorts you through a beautiful forest gorge, as well as the Harkerville coast.

Brenton-On-Sea is home to a very famous butterfly. The Brenton Blue Butterfly species lives in the Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve. This land is covered in coastal fynbos and coastal forest. Although the Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve was established in the early 1998’s, it only became recognised in the year 2004. The Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve is marked by a single signpost, and is marked out by knee deep poles. Despite the reserve being not an official reserve, it is still a very rare National Treasure. As is Brenton-On-Sea.

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